Highlights For Dark Brown Hair 2013

Feeling a little adventurous? Thinking of having something done to your hair? Highlights are a wonderful addition for your hair and most of the time, makes you look younger. If your not sure, just try it. Highlights can be temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent. The permanent kind is lightened by using bleach.
If you look in the magazines or on the internet you can see a picture of dark brown hair with highlights so you can see what it looks like before you have it done. The highlights can also depend on the length of the hair. It can be streaked with lighter shades of golden brown or it can be bleached, if the hair is long and has some wave in it.
Other colors can be used to such as copper, purple, pink, blue and white, etc. The shades can be used as a mixseparatingstrands that are being colored using a different color.
In ancient times the women painted their hair, even Cleopatra used hair color, the favorite color during that time period was ashen and gold. Because of its gentle procedure is the reason highlights are so popular with dark hair. When you highlight the hair, the chemical goes to the individual hairs letting most of the hair remaining untouched. This will help your hair maintain its healthy condition with the highlights adding soft elegance and charm.
No matter how your is cut, you can change your whole image with just a few highlights. Get some ideas from everybody such as family and friends, but also talk to the person who cuts your hair. They ought to be able to help you better than anyone else. If you havebrunettehair color you can add blonde highlights, but if you really want to go bold, you can add red. Just make sure you are ready for the shock.
Another style of highlighting that is very popular is low lights. This is a new thing that some of the stars are using in 2013. This is where the roots of the hair are left natural and the edges are bleached with two or three different tones. If you have lighter hair, leave the edges natural and color the roots darker just to switch it up.
If your hair is curly, the highlight will accent your curliness, if its straight, the highlights will look smooth on it. Blonde highlights on brown hair is very popular and can add a little texture look to your hair.
Sometimes some women will only highlight part of their hair like the bangs. This is a simple hairstyle to create and is a very eye catching display. The blonde highlights on brown hair can frame your face especially if you have extra heavy highlights around your face.
No matter what kind of hair you have, or what color you have, you can always do highlights. You don't have to have a specific style just a little imagination. So get creative and do something a little daring but make sure it causes you to be happy and confidant in yourself. If you think you look good, then you do.

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Once hair is damaged, it's damaged, but you can do things to make it look and feel better and prevent breakage. Only prime layer of the hair demands to colored for highlighting Best Highlights ASTORIA

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